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Staff directory
Name Job title Email Phone
Dr Arwa Abdel-Aal Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Shady Abdelmoneim NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow
Louise Ablett Mortuary Manager (York) 01904 321769
Dr Ahmed Aburima Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science 01482 466678
Miss Beccy Acaster Data Manager
Claire Acey PA to Chair in Surgery 01482 675784
Dr Kazeem Adeleke Statistician
Professor Fayyaz Ahmed Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Professor
Dr Kehinde Akin-Akinyosoye Lecturer in Population Health
Dr Anju Albert Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy
Marie Allen Learning Enhancement and Support Assistant 01904 321752
Dr Louis Allott Lecturer in Translational Radiopharmaceutics
Dr David Allsup Senior Lecturer in Haematology 01482 461294
Professor Lucy Ambrose MB BS Programme Director
Lynne Andrews Data Co-ordinator/Clinical Trials Assistant
Rebecca Archer Physician Associate
Dr Amin Ardestani Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Signaling
Dr Maha Asaad Educational Facilitator and PBL Tutor
Dr Aziz Asghar Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences 01482 464150
Professor Ged Avery Consultant Radiologist and Honorary Professor
Dr Mo Aye Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Lydia Baldwin Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Lisa Baldwin Unit Manager, Academic Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dr Olufikayo Bamidele Research Fellow 01482 463318
Dr Aarti Bansal Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Academy of Primary Care
Professor Gavin Barlow Professor of Infection 01482 875875 ext. 2653 (Hull) or 01904 328907 (York)
Dr Heidi Baseler Senior Lecturer in Imaging Sciences 01904 322862
Dr Lucy Batten Academic Clinical Fellow
Mrs Sarah Baxter Postgraduate Programmes Officer 01482 463243
Professor Peter Bazira Director of the Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences 01482463681 / 01904321783
Dr Fiona Beardsley Associate Director for Primary Care- Scarborough
Professor Andrew Beavis Principal Physicist
Professor Philip Beer Honorary Professor, Translational Medicine
Dr Pedro Beltran-Alvarez Senior Lecturer in Health and Climate Change 01482 466624
Rob Bennett Honorary research fellow 01482 461594
Dr James Bennett NIHR In Practice Fellow, Clinical Education Facilitator
Stuart Bentley Assistant Librarian (Hull)
Alison Bentley Biomedical Technician 01482 461869
Mr Phillip Best Data Manager
Professor Sunil Bhandari Honorary Professor 01482674308
Sam Bingham-Green Assessment and Progression Coordinator (Phase II)
Dr Alison Blakeborough Director of Student Support 01904 321792
Gemma Boam PhD Student
Dr Richard Bodington Clinical Research Fellow and Educator
Dr Jason Boland Director of Gateway to Medicine Year, Academic Lead Phase III, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Palliative Medicine 01482 463464
Dr Elaine Boland Honorary Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine 01482461238
Dr Olapeju Bolanle Research and Teaching Fellow
Dr Sarah Boyes Clinical Education Tutor/General Practitioner
Mr Paul Bradley Clinical Trial Coordinator
Dr Alison Bravington Research Fellow 01482 462098
Dr Joseph Brennan Clinical Educational Facilitator
Kayleigh Brindle Respiratory Research Nurse 01482461795
Miss Amy Bromby Trial Coordinator
Dr Laura Broughton Research Development Assistant 01482 461901
Dr Jo Brown Clinical Dean, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Andrew Brown Senior Lecturer in Medical Education & Rheumatology 01904 321789
Professor Maria Bryant Professor of Public Health Nutrition
Dr Alex Bullock Trials Manager (CANFit) 01482 462217
Laura Burgess Academic Support Officer
Dr Sarah Burke PBL Tutor
Dr Chris Buswell Clinical Educational Facilitator Year 1 Hull PBL and Clinical Skills, Deputy Director of PBL
Dr Jo Cairns Research Fellow 01482 464924 (ext 4924)
Dr Simon Calaminus Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology 01482 466798
Deborah Carey Student Support Assistant
Dr Dan Carradice Senior Lecturer in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Natalie Carter Research Nurse
Dr Stefano Caserta Lecturer in Immunology
Portia Cason Operations Manager York Site 01904726375
Emma Chappell Phase III Co-ordinator 01904 721033
Professor Ian Chetter Chair of Surgery 01482 675784
Dr Megan Chown PBL Tutor
Dr Joseph Clark Lecturer in Global Palliative Care 01482 347538
Wendy Clarke Programme Assistant 01482 464703
Emma Clarke Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Dr Sarah Clausen Executive Support Officer
Dr Lauren Clunie Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy 01482 463518
Dr Samuel Cobb Senior Lecturer in Anatomy 01904 328873
Ms Saphsa Codling Clinical Trial Manager
Professor Judith Cohen Director - Hull Health Trials Unit 01482 463382
Dr Marie Cohen Director of PBL 01904 321748
Mrs Michelle Conor Admissions and Outreach Adminisrator
Dr Louise Cooke Clinical Educational Tutor
Leah Cooksey Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Lynsey Corless Honorary Research Lecturer 01482 816698
Rebecca Corridan Research Study Administrator on the RESOLVE project 01482 462372
Dr Hannah Coysh Phase II SSC Tutor 01904 733752
Dr Paul Crampton Senior Lecturer 01904 321724
Hayley Crane PhD Student
Julie Crawford PA to Professor Alyn Morice
Professor Michael Crooks Professor of Respiratory Medicine 01482 624067
Chris Crow Research Technician 01482 461867
Lucia Crowther Research Study Administrator 01482 462396
Professor David Currow Associate Director (Research) Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre
Jordan Curry Research Assistant 01482 464226
Dr Joe Cuthbert Senior Lecturer in Cardiology 01482 461811
Dr Adam Dalby Module Lead (QI), MSc Physician Associate Studies
Dr Chhanda Charan Danta PDRA
Dr Kathryn Date Clinical Trial Manager 01482 461901
Elaine Davidson Recruitment, Admissions and Outreach Administrative Support 01904 321690
Dr Simon Davies Reader in Perioperative Medicine
Charlotte Dean-Knight Project Co-ordinator
Matthew Dell Primary Care Coordinator 01482 465650
Dr Myriam Dell'Olio Lecturer in Primary Care
Dr Caitriona Dennis Lecturer in Medical Education
Kim Dennison Programme Administrator (Postgraduate Taught) 01482 462302
Katrena Dent Executive Assistant to the Dean
Dr Harshal Deshmukh Senior Clinical Lecturer
Dr Juozas Domarkas Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor Bernadka Dubicka Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry +44 (0) 1904 321356
Frankie Dunn Prosection Technician and Teaching Coordinator
Dr Laurie Dunn Research Fellow in Primary Care 01482 463220
Dr Gillian Durham Lecturer in Biomedical Science 01482 466823
Dr Charlotte Dyer Lecturer in Biomedical Science 01482 466993
Dr Nicholas Easom Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Lydia Edwards Senior Education and Assessment Fellow
Dr Georgios Efthimiou Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Amaya Ellawala Lecturer in Medical Education
Lisa Elletson Temporary Admission Support 01904 321782
Justine Elliott Assessment & Progression Coordinator (Phase 1 & Gateway, MBBS) 01482 464594
Dr Helene Elliott-Button Research Associate
Professor Helen Elsey Senior Lecturer in Global Health
Dr Camille Ettelaie Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Jessica Everard Student Support Assistant
Dr Kit Fan Governance Manager 01904 321777
Jon Farrow Student and Alumni Engagement Coordinator 01482 466634
Dr Eamon Faulkner Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Ms Laden Fenercioglu Postdoctoral Researcher in Wound Healing
Clare Fenton Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Dr Rebecca Ferris Clinical Educational Facilitator (Primary Care)
Sarah Fewster Marketing & Communications Manager 01482 463341
Elizabeth Fidler Medical School Technician 01904 321754
Professor Adele Fielding Head of Experimental Medicine and Biomedicine and Professor of Haematology
Laura Fillingham Events Coordinator
Anna Firth Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse 01482 311914
Dr Laura Fitton Programme Director for MSc Human Anatomy and Evolution, Lecturer in Anatomical and Human Sciences 01904 321791
Rachel Flockton Research Nurse 01482 461794
Dr Cindy Forbes Career Development Research Fellow 01482 463741
Amy Ford Admissions and Outreach Administrator 01904 321690
Sarah Fordham Programme Manager
Therese Forster Cancer Research Group & Daisy Tumour Bank Administrator 01482 461898
Toni Fowler Finance Assistant 01482 464168
Dr Clare Fozard GP Fellow
Sean Frost Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Professor Richard Gale Professor of Ophthalmology 01904 721552
Professor Lina Gega Reader in Mental Health
Dr Vincent Geoghegan Research Associate
Martin George Project Manager
Professor Simon Gilbody Professor of Psychological Medicine and Health Services Research 01904 321370
Dr Shona Gilleghan General Practitioner 01904 625566
Michael Gooseman Consultant Thoracic Surgeon / Academic Lead for MB BS Electives 01482 623263
Andrew Gordon Laboratory Technician 01482 466823
Dr Vicky Green Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tim Green Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine and Medical Education
Professor Allison Green Professor in Immunology 01904 328916
Sarah Greenley Research Fellow (Information Specialist) 01482 462224
Professor John Greenman Professor of Tumour Immunology 01482 465502
Dr Lee Guest PBL Tutor / General Practitioner
Dr Barbara Guinn Reader in Biomedical Sciences 01492 466543
Ms Imogen Guy Research Laboratory Technician
Dr Mahboobeh Haji Sadeghi Clinical Trial Manager 01482464018
Dr Christopher Hall Primary Care Director of Clinical Studies Northern Lincolnshire
Stephen Hall Post-Doctoral Research Assistant 01904 328755
Dr Anna Hammond Deputy MB BS Programme Director, Academic Lead for Clinical Skills and Reasoning, and Director of Communication Skills Teaching 01904 321775
Dr Dan Hampshire Lecturer in Genetics +44 (0)1482 46 2316
Professor Matthew Hardman Director of Research (Hull), Chair in Wound Healing
Lyn Harrison Clinical Trials Co-ordinator 01482 461794
Dr Rachel Harry Senior Lecturer 01904 328928
Professor Simon Hart Professor in Respiratory Medicine 01482 624067
Dr Shirin Hasan Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Josie Hatfield Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse 01482 674389
Dr Ping He Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Professor David Hepburn Senior Lecturer in Medical Education 01482 608913
Miss Laura Hermann NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Paul Hiebert Lecturer 01482 464472
Dr Rebecca Hill Lecturer 01482465880
Amy Hindhaugh Ness Research Study Administrator 01482 463040
Paul Hirons Marketing and Communications Officer 01482 463327
Ms Louise Hitchman NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow / RCS Research Fellow / Vascular Surgery Registrar
Professor Steve Holding Consultant Clinical Scientist (Clinical Immunology) and Honorary Professor
Adrian Hollingsworth IT Help Desk Assistant 01904 321747
Ms Molly Hope Project Administrator
Elle Hough Programme Assistant
Jackie Houlton Anatomy and Short Courses Co-ordinator
Nicola Howard Open Door Practitioner 01904 322140
Dr Chao Huang Senior Lecturer in Statistics 01482 463281
Emily Hunter Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy
Dr Ruth Hunter Educational Facilitator
Jayne Hurd Research Administrative Lead, Wound Research 01482561850
Dr Jamilla Hussain Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Ms Jo Hutchings Postgraduate Research Administrator
Dr Ann Hutchinson Research Fellow
Gwen Irving Student Support Manager 01482 464025
Donna Jacklin Laboratory Technician
Dr Gillian Jackson Research Fellow in Palliative Care
Mr Hooman Jafari Clinical Education Tutor
Dr Justin Jagosh Research Fellow
Ms Kerryann James Quality Assurance Manager
Anneli James Senior Associate Research Practitioner
Dr Vijay Jayagopal Clinical Dean, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Hannah Jennings Lecturer in Global Mental Health
Caroline Jenninson Data Co-ordinator/Clinical Trials Assistant
Dr Alix Jimenez PBL Facilitator
Professor Miriam Johnson Professor of Palliative Medicine 01482 463442
Dr Trevor Johnson Module Lead and Programme Tutor
Dr Sandra Jones Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science +44 (0)1482 466463
Fiona Jones Administrator - Experimental Medicine and Biomedicine
Anne Kallvikbacka-Bennett Research Assistant
Professor Jack Kastelik Honorary Reader 01482 626792
Professor Paul Kaye Professor of Immunology 01904 328840
Syed Kazmi Data Manager 01482 461806
Dr Amelia Kehoe Lecturer in Medical Education
Dr Charlotte Kelly Career Development Fellow 01482 463107
Sandra Kelly PA to Professor Mike Lind and Professor Anthony Maraveyas
Catriona Kemp Medical Librarian 01904 324516
Matthew Kempson Programme Innovation Project Officer 01482 464725
Mary Kennedy Primary Care Co-ordinator 01904 321793
Dr Micky Kerr Research Fellow
John Kerridge Phase 2 Programme Assistant 01904 321360
Dr Assem Khamis Research Associate - Data Analyst 01482 463578
Dr Peter Knapp Reader in Health Sciences 01904321675
Professor Jonathan Koffman Professor of Palliative Care and Associate Director of the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre
Dr Ioannis Kourtzelis Lecturer in Immunology 01904328927
Mrs Justine Krygier Research Associate
Dr Marika Kullberg Senior Lecturer in Immunology 01904 328850
Dr Mona-Lisa Kwentoh Physician Associate Curriculum Advisor
Professor Charles Lacey Emeritus Professor of Medicine
Professor Dimitris Lagos Director of Research (York) and Professor of Immunology +44 (0)1904 328930
Ms Taina Laguerre Maneus Programme Assistant
Dr Ross Lathan NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow
Dr Bill Laughey PGCME Clinical Director
Sophie Law-Clucas Research Fellow
Dr Deb Lawrence Clinical Education Tutor 01904 321748
Professor Alison Layton Honorary Professor
Professor Henry Leese Emeritus Professor of Biology
Jane Llewellyn HR Coordinator 01904 321753
Dr James Lloyd Senior Education and Assessment Fellow
Judith Long Research Manager Academic Vascular Surgical Unit (AVSU) 01482 311918
Professor Mahmoud Loubani Honorary Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery 01482 624379
Dawn Lowsley Clinical Trials Assistant
Mr Martin Lyon Finance Assistant
Dr Annabelle Machin GP Portfolio Fellow
Daniel Mackley Learning Enhancement and Support Officer 01904 321752
Professor Una Macleod Professor of Primary Care Medicine
Dr Leigh Madden Senior Research Fellow 01482466031
Alex Mansfield Student Recruitment and Admissions Manager 01904 321690
Dr Liina Mansukoski Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition
Professor Anthony Maraveyas Professor in Cancer Medicine 01482 461245
Dr Matthew Marchant Specialty Doctor in Old Age Psychiatry
Dr Carl Marincowitz NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow and ST4 in Emergency Medicine
Professor Ivana S Markova Professor of Psychiatry / Honorary Consultant in Psychiatry 01482 463482
Wendy Marshall Programme Officer
Anesu Matamba Trial Co-ordinator
Dr Antonios Matsakas Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences 01482 465008
Christine Mattern Programme Officer 01482 462215
Dr Judith Matthews Associate Director of Primary Care Education
Ms Ailish McCafferty Postdoctoral Research Associate
Professor Terry McCormack Professor of Primary Care Cardiovascular Medicine 01947 820888
Dr Veronica McKay Director of Admissions 01904 321854
Dr Paul McKeegan Lecturer in Human Physiology 01482 462332
Dr Gordon McKenzie Yorkshire Cancer Research Doctoral Research Fellow and Honorary Specialist Registrar in Otolaryngology 01482 462221
Nicola McKenzie Medical Secretary to Professor Morice / Dr Simon Hart
Dr Clive McKimmie Senior Lecturer
Louise Mclean Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Professor Dean McMillan Professor of Clinical Psychology 01904 321359
Mr Ciaran McNaughton Research Assistant
Molly Megson Research Associate
Dr Jennifer Merritt Clinical Educational Facilitator
Dr Hannah Miles Research Associate
Dr Abduraheem Mohamed Clinical Research Fellow 01482 674643
Dr Kamrudeen Mohammed Honorary Senior Lecturer and Consultant Endocrinologist
Dr Shiva Mongolu Honorary Lecturer and Consultant Endocrinologist
Dr Hannah Moody Post-Doc Research Associate
Mr Sebastian Mora Hernandez Research Associate
Professor Matthew Morgan Dean of Hull York Medical School and Professor of Renal Medicine and Medical Education
Dr Jess Morgan Clinical Lecturer 01904 321082
Dr Andrew Moriarty NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care 01904 325963
Professor Alyn Morice Professor of Respiratory Medicine 01482 622308
Dr Tom Morris MBBS Programme Academic Lead for Student Quality Improvement
Ms Kerri Morris Clinical Trials Administrator
Jackie Mower Research Nurse
Ms Macarena Munoz Tapia Executive Support Administrator
Alexandra Murphy Widening Participation and Outreach Officer 01904 32 8105
Dr Zivarna Murphy Research Associate
Professor Fliss Murtagh Professor in Palliative Care 01482 463164
Dr Kasonde Mwaba Research Fellow
Dr Elmarie Myburgh Lecturer in Immunology and Infection 01904 328875
Dr Deepa Narayanan Consultant Clinical Pathologist
Leigh Naylor-Adamson Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Mrs Tara Nelson Executive Support Administrator
Jackie Newman Research Study Administrator
Lucy Newton Clinical Trials Coordinator
Professor Dumbor Ngaage Honorary Professor
Dr Bongkot Ngamsom Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Nguok Ngie Su Lecturer in Pharmacology 01482 46(6369)
Ms Zoe Nicholson Accountant 01904 326638
Dr Leonid Nikitenko Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Dr Matthew Northgraves Clinical Trial Manager (Hull Health Trials Unit) 01482 463373
Professor Paul O'Higgins Emeritus Professor
Dr Fran Oldale Head of Operations
Dr Usmaan Omer Research Associate 01429 264637
Tracy Ord Programme Assistant 01482 463121
Professor Tim Palmer Professor of Cardiovascular Biology 01482 465511
Pamela Parkinson Academy of Primary Care Project Administrator 01482 464709
Sophie Pask Research Associate for the Better End of Life Project
Michael Patterson Clinical Research Fellow (Nutrition) 01482 462217
Theano Pavlidou Communications Coordinator & Administrator
Dr Mark Pearson Reader in Implementation Science 01482 463335
Julia Peplow Finance Business Partner 01904 323949
Dr Damian Perez Mazliah Royal Society University Research Fellow +44 (0)1904 326592
Professor Bob Phillips Professor in Paediatric Oncology
Dr Lukas Pitel Research Fellow in Cancer Statistics 01482 462362
Ms Charlotte Plunkett-Jones Technician
Dr Cecilia Pompili Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Oncology
Dr Michael Porter MB BS Phase 1 Lead
Amy Porter Data Support Administrator 01482 463444
Gina Pountney Project Office Manager
Dr Daniel Preece Lecturer in Forensic Science
Helen Procter Centre Administrator for Centre for Biomedicine 01482 465462
Professor Tarl Prow Director, Skin Research Centre
Dr Natalie Prow Research Fellow in Vaccinology
Dr Paul Pryor Senior Lecturer in Cellular Microbiology 01904 328563
Dr Giordano Pula Reader in Cardiovascular Biomedicine
Dr Katie Pybus Lecturer in Mental Health
Dr Sean Pymer Academic Clinical Exercise Physiologist 01482 674643
Dr Emily Pyne Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Science
Dr Raghu Raghunath Honorary Reader and Associate Director of Primary Care Education
Professor Amar Rangan Mary Kinross Trust and Royal College of Surgeons Chair
Dr Ali Raza Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Florence Reedy Research Assistant 01482 462283
Professor Joanne Reeve Professor of Primary Care Research 01482 463297
Hanka Remblance Medical Secretary to Professor Alyn Morice/Dr Simon Hart
Dr Isaline Renard Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Vicky Revill Postgraduate Administrator (Postgraduate Taught) 01482 463219
Dr Irene Rezk Clinical Tutor
Joanna Richards Management Accountant
Professor Alan Rigby 01482 461920
Dr Francisco Rivero Crespo Postgraduate Training Scheme Lead 01482 466433
Rachel Roberts Phase II/III Coordinator 01482 464147
Dr Kath Roberts Senior Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition
Professor Chris Roberts Professor of Medical Education
Helen Roberts Patient and Public Involvement Co-ordinator 01482 463273
Dr Kim Samirah Robinson Lecturer in Skin Research
Tracey Roe Clinical Research Nurse
Lee Rollins Senior Associate Research Practitioner
Dr Michelle Rudden Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Laura Sadofsky Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine 01482 462184
Dr Abayomi Salawu Honorary Reader 01482461486
Dr Azeem Saleem Reader and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology
Hazel Saleh Executive Office Manager
Dr Kat Sanders Senior Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy 01482 464178
Martina Santarelli Research Nurse/Clinical Quality Improvement Facilitator/Trial Manager 01482 463622
Kathryn Sartain Visiting Researcher
Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan Head of the Clinical Sciences Centre, Chair in Academic Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism / Honorary Consultant Physician 01482 675312
Dr Marina Sawdon Director of Assessment & Associate Professor of Medical Education
Dana Schofield Clinical Trials Assistant
Paul Scott Learning Enhancement and Support Manager 01904 321750
Professor Shaji Sebastian Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist and Honorary Professor
Peggy Sfyri Research Assistant 01482 466823
Dr Parin Shah Clinical Research Fellow
Professor Hemant Sharma Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Honorary Professor
Wayne Sheedy Service Support Manager 01482 624069
Professor Kamran Siddiqi Professor in Global Public Health 01904 321335
Professor Najma Siddiqi Professor in Psychiatry 01904 321681
Dr Nathalie Signoret Senior Lecturer in Immunology 01904 328842
Laura Simms Data Manager
Dr Howard Skinner Director of Primary Care Education
Mr George Smith Senior Lecturer
Nadine Smith Chief Operating Officer 01482 463774
Dr Ireneous Soyiri Senior Lecturer 01482 465911
Dr Helen Speechley PBL/Clinical skills facilitator
Dr Amber Stafford Research Assistant
Ekaterina Stansfield Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Charlotte Stephenson Catalyst Tutor
Dr Katerina Steventon Business Development Manager
Dr Rebecca Stinson Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Justin Sturge Reader in Biomedical Science 01482 465316
Professor Roger Sturmey Professor in Reproductive Medicine 01482 466422
Zoe Sugden Clinical Trials Coordinator
Mrs Sarah Sumpter Senior Data Manager 01482 463758
Dr Flavia Swan Research Fellow 01482 463150
Professor Tim Swanwick Honorary Professor
Ms Jess Swarbrick Governance Coordinator
Savannah Sygrove Clinical Trials Coordinator
Dr Nicholas Sykes Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 01904 726140
Dr Nicola Taylor Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist, Curriculum Lead for Mental Health, MBBS, and Deputy Lead for Phase 2, MBBS
Susannah Thackray-Nocera Research Nurse
Dr Kate Thomas PBL Tutor
Mrs Charlotte Thompson Trial Coordinator
Rachel Thompson Research Technician 01482 774009
Professor Paul Tiffin Professor of Health Services and Workforce Research, Honorary Consultant in the Psychiatry of Adolescence 01904 321117
Mr Josh Totty NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Plastic Surgery 01482 675523
John Turgoose Information Systems Manager (Hull Health Trials Unit)
Dr Maureen Twiddy Reader in Mixed Methods 01482 463279
Dr Manjula Vakkund Phase 2 Year 3 Academic Lead
Dr Katrien Van Bocxlaer Lecturer in Skin Research 01904325523
Professor Christina Van Der Feltz Cornelis Chair of Psychiatry and Epidemiology 01904 321313
Professor Marjan van der Woude Professor of Microbiology 01904 328841
Dr Frank Voncken Lecturer in Medical Microbiology, and University Biological Safety Officer 01482 465280
Dr Mark Wade Lecturer in Molecular Genetics 01482 463253
Dr Julie Walabyeki Lecturer in Primary Care 01482 464213
Ms Jen Walker Phase 1 Programme Assistant
Dr Joseph Wall General Practitioner 01482 303973
Dr Cheryl Walter Lecturer in Microbiology 01482463185
Professor Shernaz Walton Consultant Dermatologist and Honorary Professor +44 (0)1482 908208
Claire Ward Research Administrative Lead 01482 461850
Alison Waring NIHR Policy Research Unit Administrator – Palliative and End of Life Care (PEOLC), Project Administrator for the NIHR Health Determinants Research Collaboration North Yorkshire (HDRC NY) 01482 463482
Dr Claire Warrington Research Fellow
Mr Jack Watson Marketing and Communications Administrator 01482 463459
Karen Welburn Administrator 01482 463015
Liz Wells Advanced Research Dietitian 01482 675329
Peter Wells Programme Administrator 01482 463128
Kate West Phase 1 Coordinator 01482 463427
Jenny Wheeler Assessment & Progression Coordinator (Postgraduate)
Louise Wheeler Programme Delivery Assistant 01904 321360
Caroline White Research Associate
Sarah Whittaker Research Study Administrator
Dr Paul Whybrow Senior Lecturer 07989818484
Dr Holly Wilkinson Lecturer in Wound Healing 01482 461879
Dr Chris Wilkinson Senior Lecturer in Cardiology
Carrie Willby Clinical Trials Coordinator
Professor Graham Williams Professor of Forensic Science
Dr John Williams Lecturer in Forensic Science
Ms Bronwen Williams Operations Manager 01482 462271
Louise Williams Senior Assistant Faculty Finance Manager 01482 464252
Ms Joanne Wilson Programme Assistant Phase I
Simon Witty Medical School Technician (Hull)
Dr Emma Wolverson Senior Lecturer in Ageing and Dementia
Dawn Wood PA to Professors Miriam Johnson & Fliss Murtagh. Administrator for Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre & Administrator for i3 01482 463309
Dr Katie Wraith Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology 01482 464732
Dr David Wright MBBS Programme Simulation Lead
Professor Gavin Wright Professor of Microbial Biochemistry
Caroline Wright Respiratory Clinical Trials Manager 01482 461800
Dr Sam Xu Reader in Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism 01482 465372
Dr Miko Yamada Research Fellow
Dr Helen Yates Consultant in Neonatal Medicine and Honorary Senior Lecturer
Alex Young Research Associate
Dr Demian Whiting Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Professionalism 01482 466650