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International student experience

Eka Narayan's experience

In this interview, Eka, a second-year Medicine student, shares insights into her choice of the medical school and her experiences so far.

Drawn to the emphasis on problem based learning and communication skills, Eka shares an insight into this practical approach to medical education.

As an international student, she values the community and the support she receives. Discover more about Eka's experience at Hull York Medical School and her affection for the campus and the lively city of Hull.

Eka Narayan

Why did you choose to study at Hull York Medical School?

What drew me to Hull York Medical School was its distinctive approach to medical education. The emphasis on problem based learning (PBL) resonated with my preference for collaborative group study over traditional lecture-based learning. The prospect of solving cases alongside peers, under the guidance of experienced tutors, appealed to me as a practical and engaging way to learn.

I was particularly impressed by the importance placed on communication skills at Hull York Medical School. Moreover, the early introduction of hospital and GP placements from the third week of the first year set Hull York Medical School apart. This accelerated hands-on experience with patients, compared to most medical schools, excited me as it promises invaluable exposure crucial for my journey towards becoming a proficient doctor. Hull York Medical School's commitment to a unique and comprehensive medical education experience solidified my choice.

Which campus did you choose to study at any why?

Although I didn’t get the chance to view either campus I selected Hull as my designated campus after a thorough review of campus information online, as Hull seemed to align better with my preferences. The moderate size of the campus ensured easy access to all amenities, and the lower cost of living in Hull was an added bonus!

The proximity of first-year accommodation on campus to the medical building was also a positive factor. Exploring the Student Union website further revealed numerous events and societies, offering exciting prospects for my free time during Medical School.

What do you think to your campus and city?

I simply love my campus; it boasts top-notch facilities, including an outstanding library, a state-of-the-art medical building, and the convenience of a shop for essential supplies.

The on-campus Student Union is a lively hub where I've had the opportunity to meet new people and forge friendships, thanks to the diverse range of activities taking place throughout the year.

As for Hull, the city itself is vibrant and culturally rich. The friendly atmosphere is palpable, and there's no shortage of tourist attractions to explore, with The Deep standing out as a must-visit. Overall, both my campus and the city contribute significantly to a fulfilling and dynamic student experience.

What has your experience been like of studying at Hull York Medical School so far?

Being an international student at Hull York Medical School has transformed the concept of home for me. It's not just a place away from home; rather, it's an expansion of boundaries and a global community pursuing excellence together. The convergence of individuals from diverse corners of the world creates a rich tapestry, making the Medical School an esteemed and inclusive environment.

Supported by exceptional teachers and administrative staff, the teaching approach at Hull York Medical School is interactive, inspiring, individualised, and contemporary. The holistic approach to medical education aligns with the goal of shaping well-rounded doctors.

Choosing Hull York Medical School has unequivocally been the best decision of my life, fostering an enriching and supportive experience that goes beyond the classroom.

What do you particularly enjoy about studying Medicine?

What particularly stands out to me in the curriculum is the emphasis on teaching clinical and communication skills at the Medical School. Being able to practice our consultation skills with simulated patients allows us to practically apply and refine our clinical and communication skills in real life.

The simulated consultations, observed in real-time by peers and tutors in a separate room, create a dynamic learning environment. Following each consultation, we receive detailed and non-judgmental feedback, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement. This personalised feedback mechanism is instrumental in honing our skills and enhancing our overall proficiency.

Furthermore, the incorporation of weekly placements provides the opportunity to engage with real patients, allowing us to further develop and refine our communication skills in actual clinical settings. This hands-on approach to learning is a standout feature of the curriculum, ensuring that we are well-prepared for the demands of real-world medical practice.

Do you feel supported at Medical School?

My experience at Hull York Medical School has been incredibly encouraging and positive. My primary point of contact for support has been my PBL tutors, who have consistently been approachable and willing to assist whenever needed. The smaller cohort size due to the division among two campuses has facilitated the formation of close-knit friendships and connections.

Notably, the Student Wellbeing Team at Hull York Medical School actively promote a culture of self-care, sending weekly reminders and encouraging students to reach out for additional support when necessary. This holistic approach to student wellbeing underscores Hull York Medical School's commitment to nurturing and supporting its medical students throughout their academic journey.

Have you faced any challenges, and how does the Medical School help you?

I have encountered challenges, particularly regarding the substantial content load, especially around exam periods. However, the Medical School has been exceptionally understanding and supportive during such times. They proactively release exam dates well in advance, providing adequate time to prepare.

To help us manage the demands, the School organises informative talks on time management and stress reduction during the preparatory phase. Our PBL and clinical skills tutors consistently check in on us, emphasising their availability for discussions or advice. The School places a significant emphasis on mental health, actively encouraging students to explore extracurricular activities for wellbeing.

In what ways do you feel you’ve grown or developed as a result of your time at Hull York Medical School?

My journey at Hull York Medical School has been transformative, contributing significantly to both my professional and personal growth. Academically, I've successfully navigated the curriculum's demands while concurrently pursuing various interests. The plethora of opportunities at Hull York Medical School has allowed me to serve as a Medical School ambassador, join the Radiology Society, and contributed to research. Holding the role of Phase Representative has provided insights into my peers' perspectives, enabling me to relay valuable feedback to Hull York Medical School.

These experiences have substantially boosted my confidence, sparking a newfound eagerness to explore my potential. On a personal level, the challenge of living away from home has cultivated resilience. Despite occasional difficulties, I now consider Hull York Medical School my second home, a testament to the supportive staff and peers who ensure that one is never truly alone.

Choosing Hull York Medical School has been a rewarding decision, and I eagerly anticipate the continued growth and enjoyment that the upcoming years of my course will bring.