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A student undertaking research in a flume lab in Experimental Medicine and Biomedicine

Research opportunities

We offer many opportunities for you to develop your research skills with world leading clinicians and researchers, who through their work are making a difference to patients’ lives. As well as teaching you on your Medicine programme, they will offer you extra-curricular research opportunities.


To be a good clinician, you need to be a good researcher

Investigating health conditions, as well as implementing new approaches to healthcare, are essential skills to providing excellent care and being the best doctor you can be.

Hull York Medical School researchers across Hull and York are advancing improvements in healthcare – diagnosis, treatment and care – transforming the lives of patients in our local region and beyond.

Through their patient-centred approach to research they are tackling some of the world’s major health challenges.

Their work is improving the way cancer is understood, diagnosed and treated, making scientific discoveries that underpin the development, diagnosis and treatment of the world’s most aggressive diseases, helping to find new interventions to improve mental health and tackle addiction, supporting those patients with life-limiting conditions, and tackling health inequalities.

As a student at Hull York Medical School, you will have the opportunity to interact with and be taught by some of these leading researchers as part of the curriculum as well as pursuing your own extra-curricular research opportunities.

Explore our research groups
RCGP Humber and the Ridings research awards
Acdemic oncology
Student Research Society members
Dr Martha Nicholson


There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in research! The Student Research Society and the INSPIRE programme are great resources for networking with clinical academics within Hull York Medical School and getting some guidance on where to start in research. All of my experience served me well when applying to the Academic Foundation Programme for F1 and F2, and helped me to demonstrate in my application and interview that I was enthusiastic about and committed to becoming a clinical academic.
Academic Foundation Doctor, Aintree University Hospital & Honorary Clinical Fellow, University of Liverpool

Dr Martha Nicholson


What research opportunities are available?

Scholarship and Special Interest Programme (SSIP)

The SSIP is an integral and important component of our medical course and the SSIP assessments contribute to the award of the medical degree. The SSIP allows you to develop research and scholarship skills through working on subjects or areas of study that particularly interest you.


In your elective period in Year 5, students can choose where and what they study for several weeks. This can include developing a greater understanding and practical experience of research in medicine.


Hull York Medical School is part of INSPIRE, a national programme coordinated by the Academy of Medical Sciences and funded by the Wellcome Trust to encourage medical students to get involved in research.

We have received funding since 2014 to sponsor research activities including student projects, an annual student conference, workshops, and support for application to the Academic Foundation Programme.

Hull York Medical School Student Research Society

The Hull York Medical School Student Research Society is very active, and holds research related activities throughout the year. These are funded and supported through INSPIRE and also through sponsorships and other funding that they raise themselves.

Around a third of our Year 5 students apply for Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) posts, and the Research Society organises an AFP application preparation course and mock interviews to help students applying for these posts.

Medicine students and their poster presentations

Showcase your work

Sharing your research to the people who can make use of it maximises the benefit of your research.

You will present your experience from your final year elective at our annual elective poster and presentation conference. We also offer funding to assist with costs to students who have been invited to present at a research conference.

The Hull York Medical School Student Research Society also organise an annual research conference to provide opportunities for students to present their work and to network with researchers.