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The Daisy Tumour Bank team

The Daisy Tumour Bank acknowledges the hard work of staff in Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust who collaborate with the Daisy Tumour Bank team to facilitate sample acquisition. Staff include consultants, surgeons, specialist nurses, theatre staff and administrative staff. Some key members of the Daisy Tumour Bank team are shown below.

Prof Mike Lind - Professor of Oncology, Head of Cancer Research Group
Professor Lind identified the need for a readily available biological resource and instigated the setup of the Daisy Tumour Bank to facilitate generic cancer research.

Dr Lynn Cawkwell - Senior Lecturer in Cancer Genetics
Lynn oversees activities at the Daisy Tumour Bank and is a Person Designated for the Human Tissue Authority licence, assisting in the governance of Human Tissue Authority licensable activities. Lynn has extensive knowledge and experience of cancer research and ethics.

Ms Alison Bentley - Biomedical Technician
Alison is a registered Biomedical Scientist and Person Designated for the Human Tissue Authority licence. Alison co-ordinates the day-to-day running of the Daisy Tumour Bank including obtaining donor consent, data management, acquisition, processing, storage and dispatch of samples. Alison ensures that standard operating procedures are compliant with Human Tissue Authority standards and local requirements.

Ms Therese Forster - Cancer Research Group Administrator
Therese is an experienced administrator and has previously worked within data management and clinical trials. Therese is based in the Daisy Building and as well as providing administrative support to the Cancer Research Group she also helps support the Daisy Tumour Bank.

Dr Peter Bazira - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy
Peter is the Designated Individual for the Human Tissue Authority licence and has legal responsibility for ensuring all Daisy Tumour Bank licensable activities are carried out in accordance with the Human Tissue Act (2004).

Mr Martin Walters - Mortuary Manager for Anatomy Unit
Martin is a Person Designated for the Human Tissue Authority licence and shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide assistance and advice to the Daisy Tumour Bank team.