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PET-CT facilities at the University of Hull, part of HUMIC

Facilities and capabilities

PET-CT research facilities at the University of Hull

The power of collaboration

Hull York Medical School is a unique partnership between the Universities of Hull and York, regional NHS Trusts, and community health providers.

Through this collaboration, our researchers gain unparalleled access to cutting-edge research facilities, diverse capabilities, and world-leading expertise.

By harnessing these exceptional resources, we work at the forefront of world-leading research, enhancing population health and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Researchers in the laboratory in the Biomedical Institute for Multimorbidity

Core facilities

Bioscience Technology Facility

University of York

The University of York’s Bioscience Technology Facility is a one-stop hub offering open access to cutting-edge technologies and research services for the biosciences.

With an integrated approach and broad expertise, the Facility supports academic and industrial researchers, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to drive forward their projects.

Pipetting in a flume cupboard

Hull Molecular Imaging Centres (HuMIC)

University of Hull, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and The Daisy Appeal

Hull Molecular Imaging Centres (HUMIC) is a group of integrated medical-imaging research and clinical facilities at the University of Hull and Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

The three sites are the Positron Emission Tomography Research Centre located at the University of Hull campus, and the Molecular Imaging Research Centre and Jack Brignall Clinical PET-CT Centre located at Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham.

These integrated research and clinical facilities provide diagnostic and patient treatment that is among the best in the UK.

CT scanner at the Jack Brignall Centre at Castle Hill Hospital, part of HUMIC

Microscopy Suite

University of Hull

The University of Hull’s Microscopy Suite supports researchers across the Medical School and beyond, providing a range of imaging capabilities.

Microscope lenses

Biomedical research facilities

Biomedical Research Laboratories and Experimental Medicine Suite

University of York

The University of York’s Biomedical Research Laboratories provide purpose-built space for cutting-edge biomedical research. This includes Containment level 3 (CL 3) laboratories.

A clinical suite for experimental medicine studies is co-housed in the same building providing unique opportunities for bridging molecular medicine to clinical and translational research.

Example of studies occurring in the Experimental Medicine Suite include a controlled human infection model (CHIM) of leishmaniasis.

Experimental Medicine Laboratory at the University of York

Biomedical Sciences Laboratories

University of Hull

The University of Hull’s Biomedical Sciences Laboratories support cutting-edge research across the Biomedical Institute of Multimorbidity.

The recently refurbished laboratories include core amenities such as cell culture, FACS and bio-imaging suite, as well as more specific equipment including mitochondrial respiration analysis and high-throughput cell-based assays.

Biomedical Sciences Laboratories at the University of Hull

Clinical histology laboratories and biobank

Daisy Building, Castle Hill Hospital

A partnership between Hull York Medical School and Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, these facilities are located in close proximity to patients and operating theatres, providing an outstanding environment to perform clinical trials and detailed laboratory analysis of patient samples.

The vibrant research laboratory environment includes research groups exploring the aetiology of pathological wound healing, the role of senescence and ageing on wound repair, the underlying biology of respiratory conditions and the development of new treatments for cancer.

A researcher in the skin laboratory using the Promethion

Clinical Research Facilities

Allam Diabetes Centre

Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust’s Allam Diabetes Centre at Hull Royal Infirmary serves as a hub for treating diabetes and metabolic bone diseases while providing expanded research accommodation.

With cutting-edge facilities and ongoing clinical trials, the Centre advances treatment options and reinforces Hull's world-leading research in diabetes and endocrinology.

The Centre opened in 2021 and was made possible thanks to a multi-million-pound donation by local philanthropist Dr Assem Allam.

Allam Diabetes Centre

Vascular Laboratory

Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust’s Vascular Laboratory at Hull Royal Infirmary provides facilities for our world-leading research to study blood vessels and related conditions. This includes ultrasound machines for imaging, equipment to measure blood flow and artery health, and tools for assessing exercise capacity.

Additionally, there is access to CT scans, MRIs, and specialised rooms for procedures and treatments involving both imaging and intervention.


Trials Unit

Hull Health Trials Unit and Methods Hub

University of Hull and Hull York Medical School

The Hull Health Trials Unit, a collaboration between Hull York Medical School and the University of Hull, offers comprehensive support for clinical researchers at every stage of their study.

From study design and funding applications to study management, regulatory approvals, and data management, the Unit provides practical and specialised assistance throughout the research process.

The expert team also offers statistical analysis and comprehensive reporting to help researchers generate meaningful insights from their data.

The Trials Unit also includes a Data Safe Haven, a state-of-the-art research environment designed to ensure the secure storage and processing of sensitive research data.

The Data Safe Haven offers researchers a protected platform to work with their data, regardless of their location.

How to work with us:

Please send us an email with as much detail as you can about the support you require from the Hull Health Trials Unit and/or Methods Hub. You can find more details on how to work with us here.

Allam Medical Building