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Public health

Public health is essential to all aspects of health and wellbeing. It is our ethos to address health inequalities, so we can positively impact health for all.

Why we are tackling public health

Public health lies at the heart of a range of current issues that need urgent attention.

These include declining early childhood health, food insecurity, high levels of air pollution in our towns and cities, reduced cancer screening rates, and not enough being done to prevent or control the rising number of chronic and multiple diseases.

The statistics are stark: the UK's life expectancy has declined for the first time since the 1940s, revealing jarring disparities between the richest and poorest areas.

It is those who are most vulnerable who are affected the most. The impact of social and economic factors on people’s health, wellbeing and life expectancy is unmistakable. Global disparities in health represent the most stark health inequalities of all.

We are taking action for a healthier future for everyone.

*Office for National Statistics. Health state life expectancies by national deprivation deciles, England: 2018 to 2020

Healthy life expectency is at least 18 years lower for the most deprived compared to the least deprived
Inequality in health is unacceptable. We want to change this.

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What we want to achieve

We believe that everyone has the right to best possible health, regardless of their background.

Our research is guiding and changing clinical and public health practice so that they are effective, efficient, represent value and meet the needs of the population, including the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We do this through working with our NHS partners, health charities, and national and local public health and health service bodies, communities, schools, and national and local government. Our influence on policy making and services is making positive change in health.

We are also driving improvements in public health globally, strengthening partnerships with institutions across the world, particularly in developing countries, and helping to support public health competency.

It is in this effort that we aim for the best possible health for future generations.

Patient and public involvement and engagement
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Our expertise in public health research

  • The Cancer Awareness and Screening Pathways Research Group are leading research into improving earlier cancer diagnosis, informing NHS policy and practice. Their work includes improving screening access and update, symptom recognition, primary care diagnosis and referral, and care pathway redesign.

  • The Centre for Health and Population Sciences brings together experts from research groups to address critical challenges in population health and healthcare, and applying it to policy and practice. Their research encompasses statistics, epidemiology, mental health, evidence-based practice, patient safety, global public health, and primary care.

    A key area of expertise at this Centre is focused on public health nutrition. Our goal is to provide evidence that ensures fairness in the food system by driving changes in policies. We work in partnership with communities, national and local government, as well as other key leaders in the field. We carry out our work in various settings, including communities, schools, food banks, children's centres, family hubs, early childhood programmes, maternity services, health visitation programmes, food retail environments, and food production facilities.

Thank you to our funders

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