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Vascular research

Our clinical and academic researchers are at the forefront of developments in surgical wound healing, peripheral arterial disease and the management of varicose veins.

The healthcare challenge

Vascular disease is a collective term for diseases of the arteries and veins; every part of the body that has blood flow can be affected. It’s as common as cancer and heart disease and accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK - many of which are preventable. 

The Academic Vascular Surgery Unit (AVSU) is recognised as a leading centre for vascular research. We have a reputation for delivering high impact studies and our team is passionate about improving patient outcomes.

We undertake commercial and non-commercial projects including observational research, novel drug therapy and clinical interventions with a track record in attracting significant grant funding. We have conducted several high-profile and influential randomised controlled trials and contributed directly to advances in treatment practices and improvements for NICE guidelines.

Our particular areas of expertise include: wounds research, surgical site infection, lower limb ulcers and exercise and prehabilitation.

Our research projects

Visit our research projects to explore a selection of our ongoing and completed projects.


Our research experts

Professor Ian Chetter is the academic lead for vascular research within the Clinical Sciences Centre.

We are a team of multi-disciplinary researchers and specialists who investigate and manage all aspects of arterial and venous disease and associated therapies. 

Our team of experts include: consultant vascular surgeons, consultant interventional radiologists, specialist research nurses, vascular technicians and sonographers, exercise physiologists, specialist registrars, core surgical trainees, junior doctors, research fellows, data entry clerks, trial admin and a research manager.

Please see our people in the Clinical Sciences Centre for members of the vascular research theme.

We work closely with a number of other specialties at Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust including; cardiothoracic, diabetes, microbiology, podiatry, radiology and renal and stroke.

We regularly collaborate with experts within the University of Hull including: Clinical Biosciences Institute; Centre for Medical Engineering and Technology; Biological Sciences; and Sport, Health and Exercise Science. We also have close links with the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York, clinical departments in the NHS and to industry.

Our research efforts are also strengthened by collaborations with the national vascular societies (VSGBI, SVN, SVT, VERN, The Rouleaux Club and the Circulation Foundation).



Our service has a dedicated vascular ward, vascular lab and research department.

We have access to facilities at Hull Royal Infirmary including:

  • A fully equipped vascular laboratory, including: ultrasound scanners, plethysmography equipment, treadmills, cardiopulmonary exercise testing equipment, flow mediated vasodilatation, laser doppler flowmetry, arterial stiffness and pulse wave velocity assessment
  • Access to CT, MRA, combined procedures and interventional radiology suites
  • Dedicated wound assessment and treatment rooms

Vascular research priority setting partnership

The Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland (VSGBI) in association with the James Lind Alliance (JLA) undertook a national Priority Setting Process (PSP) to find out the most important research priorities for vascular conditions.

This process provided an exciting opportunity to gather the unique perspectives of clinicians, patients and carers throughout the UK, with direct experience of living with vascular conditions and in delivering vascular care.

Over 1,800 research priorities were submitted and ‘top ten’ lists of priorities have now been established across nine vascular conditions. Researchers and funders are encouraged to focus on addressing these questions and supporting studies in these areas.

Our collaborators are: The Society of Vascular Nurses, The Society for Vascular Technology, British Society of Interventional Radiology, the Vascular Endovascular Research Network, The Rouleaux Club, and the British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Limb Absence Rehabilitation.

Visit the Vascular PSP pages

Training and education

The AVSU is well established in the training and supervision of successful MD, MSc, BSc and PGCert students, supporting the development of successful independent early career researchers.

There are many opportunities for students to work with us on new and existing vascular projects, to gain experience in organising research, getting involved with data collection and writing publications.

If you are interested in undertaking research study with us, please email:

Contact the Clinical Sciences Centre

If you are interested in collaborating, visiting or studying with us, please contact us.