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Health Professions Education student demonstrating

Research opportunities for Medicine students

We welcome undergraduate Medicine students to participate in a range of enriching opportunities to explore the field of health professions education, build essential skills, and contribute to groundbreaking research.

Please email to enquire about any of our research opportunities for undergraduate Medicine students.

We offer the following opportunities:

Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes

We welcome students in Phase I and Phase II to undertake their Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes (SSIP) with us.

In Phase I of the Medicine curriculum, we offer an SSIP focused on medical education research and patient outcomes.

In Phase II we offer an SSIP that introduces the field of medical education and the range of teaching and research opportunities throughout your career. Students gain insight into fundamental aspects of teaching and how to design teaching sessions.


Medicine students carry out a six-week elective at the beginning of their final year, where they can choose to work in a specialist service or health related organisation. We welcome elective placements in HPEU from within and outside Hull York Medical School to help you expand your horizons in research and health professions education.


Hull York Medical School is part of INSPIRE, a national programme coordinated by the Academy of Medical Sciences and funded by the Wellcome Trust to encourage medical students to get involved in research.

We welcome Medicine students to undertake INSPIRE research projects with us.

Intercalated MSc in Medical or Human Sciences (by thesis)

If you have a research interest in health professions education, we welcome you to undertake an intercalated MSc with us.

This programme allows you to conduct an independent research project, choosing to study within any area of our research specialisms, and obtain the skills to progress to a PhD or MD.

Please note we do not have specific funding available, as this is usually sought on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the MSc in Medical or Human Sciences (by thesis) for more information.

Contact us

We welcome enquiries about policy and guidance, collaborations, our research, tutor training, or opportunities to visit or study with us in the Health Professions Education Unit.