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Diversity in medical education leadership


Paul Crampton

Dr Paul Crampton

Senior Lecturer

Amaya Ellawala

Dr Amaya Ellawala

Lecturer in Medical Education

Amelia Kehoe

Dr Amelia Kehoe

Lecturer in Medical Education


2021 to 2023


Why this research is needed

The purpose of the study is to understand the lived experiences and perceived barriers in the leadership journey of minority ethnic training programme directors and evaluate whether a new programme was beneficial in helping them achieve their leadership aims. If the programme is successful, one way to raise its profile nationally and secure funding for further development would be if the intervention is shown to be effective using an evidence-based approach. 

What we found

A report was produced to inform developments of the programme. It also provides accountability to take action to reduce discrimination at a higher level. The experiences of participants involved is critical to the sustainability and efforts to reduce discrimination in the workforce.


Crampton, P. E., & Afzali, Y. (2021). Professional Identity Formation, Intersectionality and Equity in Medical Education. Medical Education.

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