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Empathy and patient centred consulting


Dr Bill Laughey

PGCME Clinical Director

Paul Crampton

Dr Paul Crampton

Senior Lecturer



Why this research is needed

Empathy is key to collaborating and co-operating with others. It is the means by which we connect with each other - with family, friends, colleagues, patients. In healthcare, empathy is linked with better satisfaction with the consultation, with improved diagnosis and better health outcomes.

What we are doing

Our research has been mainly qualitative and aimed at understanding how students learn empathy and the enablers and barriers to fostering empathy in health professions education. Along the way, we have pioneered a new method for researching empathy and other constructs related to feelings and emotions: love and breakup letter methodology. 

What we have found so far

This portfolio of work has been a HYMS team effort, with multiple HPE researchers interviewing our medical and PA students to understand empathy pedagogy. We have also collaborated with other medical schools in our research, including Durham, Newcastle and Sheffield. We encourage new research in the field, particularly in our MSc and PhD programmes.


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We welcome enquiries about policy and guidance, collaborations, our research, tutor training, or opportunities to visit or study with us in the Health Professions Education Unit.