ExacQual Study

About the project

Title: An interview study exploring patients' and their carers' experiences, expectations and understanding of COPD exacerbations before and after the emergence of COVID-19 (The ExacQual Study)
Time frame: 2020-2021
Contact for more details: Dr Michael Crooks and Dr Ann Hutchinson

This qualitative study will use in-depth, semi-structured interviews with COPD patients and their carers to improve our understanding of how people with COPD and the people who care for them feel about exacerbations, including their experiences, expectations and understanding of these events and how this may have changed since COVID-19.

The study is a collaboration between Hull York Medical School’s Respiratory Research Group and the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre and members of ACT on COPD.

Hull Health Trials Unit are responsible for study management and data management systems.

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