What we do

Modernising professional practice

Lead: Professor Joanne Reeve

Healthcare needs are changing rapidly, so the way we work needs to evolve too. The Academy is at the forefront of work regionally, nationally and internationally to develop the future medical generalist, and so address urgent challenges in workforce and health service planning and delivery.

Twenty years ago, Gabbay and le May described how GPs create and use new knowledge (so-called practice-based evidence) every day in delivering the tailored, whole-person healthcare that underpins strong, effective, equitable primary care. Our work translates these observations into the tools and practice for modern workforce development.


CATALYST: Developing the WISE General Practice Workforce

Contacts: Dr Stephen Opare-Sakyi, Myriam Dell’Olio, Dr Kerry Leadbetter, Dr Joseph Wall, Dr Clare Fozard, Dr James Bennett, Professor Joanne Reeve,

Funding: NHS England (Yorkshire)

The Catalyst programme is a novel professional development programme designed to support changing education and workforce needs across the primary care workforce.

We are working in partnership with Humber Coast & Vale Primary Care Board to develop, deliver and evaluate novel, research-led educational intervention to address the changing professional development needs of GPs across our community.

Initial work focuses on the needs of new to practice GPs. Myriam Dell’ Olio leads the evaluation of the programme. Our findings will inform future workforce development programmes regionally and wider.

WISDOM: Developing the WISE General Practice Workforce

Contacts: Professor Joanne Reeve, Dr Annabelle Machin, Dr Johanna Reilly, Dr Emily Lyness

Funding: Health Education England Yorkshire & Humber

GP roles are changing and so is the scope of professional skills needed for modern practice. The national WISE GP programme, led by Professor Joanne Reeve, recognises a need to champion professional scholarship at the heart of modern General Practice. Working in partnership with Health Education England (HEE) Yorkshire & Humber, the Academy of Primary Care has been commissioned to deliver the WISDOM project (WISe skills DevelOpment Mooc). WISDOM will provide an on-line learning platform that can be used flexibly by learners to develop the extended skills of clinician scholarship – how we find, create, use and learn from knowledge-in-practice-in-context.

The work is being delivered by three WISE GP Fellows working with the Academy – Dr Annabelle Machin, Dr Johanna Reilly and Dr Emily Lyness. We will be launching the MOOC in 2022 and then evaluating how it is used in order to inform future workforce development projects.

PHOENIX Programme: Supporting the Extended WISE General Practice Workforce

Contact: Professor Joanne Reeve

Funding: NHS England

The PHOENIX Programme is led by Dr Satpal Shekhawat and Dr Chris Hall (North Lincs CCG), offering portfolio career development opportunities for middle career GPs. The programme supports GPs in developing both extended clinical skills (thus addressing key needs and gaps in local service provision), and extended professional skills for modern practice.

The Academy is working with the PHOENIX programme to develop and deliver a tailored professional development programme drawing on findings from CATALYST, WISDOM and related work.

WISE GP: Developing the WISE General Practice Workforce

Contacts: Professor Joanne Reeve, Dr Annabelle Machin, Dr Johanna Reilly, Dr Emily Lyness

The WISE GP Programme was established to help tell a new story of building a career in General Practice underpinned by clinical scholarship. Established and led by Joanne Reeve, WISE GP (General Practice) is a joint initiative between SAPC and RCGP to champion the knowledge work of everyday clinical practice.

WISE recognises the value of scientific method and practice, as well as the outputs of scientific work (research evidence), as ways to improve patient care, professional practice and motivation of a workforce. Our goal at WISE is a culture shift – enabling people to think, work and link differently in ways that can enhance patient care, build capacity for excellent primary care, and re-motivate and energise a workforce.

WISE ACADEMY: developing the WISE general practice workforce

Contact: Professor Joanne Reeve and Dr David Smith

The Academy hosts an Academic Clinical Training Programme for GPs, along with an extended scholarship programme linked to the national WISE GP programme. This is known as the WISE Academy.

WISE Academy was established to support local GPs and GP trainees interested in extended training and career development opportunities. Our goal is to support development of scholarship skills for clinical practice, portfolio GP careers and/or university-based academic careers.

The group includes GPs on formal Academic Clinical Training programmes including NIHR Academic Foundation, Academic Clinical Fellowships, Doctoral Fellows, and In Practice Fellowships. We also welcome GPs on a range of fellowships including leadership programmes and other local programmes. Our goal is to provide resource and support for GPs in the First 5, Last 5 and Middle 25 years of their career.

We are developing a programme of masterclasses, peer support and mentorship for GPs across our region.

For more information on how we are working to support GP careers, please contact David or Joanne.

Educating for the Knowledge Work of Person-Centred Care

Contact: Dr Aarti Bansal

Funding: NIHR In Practice Fellowship

Dr Bansal's work takes a fresh look at the pedagogical questions involved in developing person-centred approach in medical students and doctors. Person-centred care is considered central to the delivery of high-quality medical care and yet evidence points to an erosion of person-centredness in medical students as they progress through training. This is despite well-established consultation skills training in medical education based on a person-centred framework.

Dr Bansal's research is based on the hypothesis that there may be a gap in the current educational strategy for person-centred practice which focusses on the skills of person-centred practice without always orientating medical students and doctors to the underpinning theory, concepts and evidence. She is undertaking a realist review of the literature on person-centred educational interventions to understand how, why, and in which contexts educational interventions work to support the development of person-centredness.  

Curriculum review

Contact: Dr James Bennet and Dr Puja Verma (Academy GP Portfolio Fellows)

Funding: Hull York Medical School

Recent publication of key documents from RCGP, SAPC and Health Education England describe the core general practice and primary care concepts needed for modern medical school curricula.

The Academy is leading a review of the Hull York Medical School curriculum against these standards. The review includes a documentary analysis of educational content across the School along with stakeholder interviews. A report and recommendations are planned for early 2022.