Breathlessness Relief at Home (BREATHE)

About the project

Title: Breathlessness RElief AT HomE (BREATHE)
National Institute for Health Research - Research for Patient Benefit stream
Time frame: 2019 - 2021
Contact for more details: Dr Ann Hutchinson and Professor Miriam Johnson

Breathlessness is common in people with heart and lung conditions and can get very severe and frightening. We want to see if we could run a research study that tests if paramedics trained in breathlessness techniques is more effective for people in breathlessness crisis than usual care in easing breathlessness and help more people stay at home. This initial study will therefore test if we can recruit, collect the required information and if the proposed intervention is acceptable to patient and paramedic and possible to use in daily practice.

Breathlessness RElief AT HomE (BREATHE) is a collaboration between the Hull York Medical School, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, the Universities of York and Sheffield with support from the British Lung Foundation. The development of the application was supported by funding from NHS Hull CCG and the Alumni of the University of Hull.

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Northgraves M, Cohen J, Allgar V, et al. A feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial of a paramedic-administered breathlessness management intervention for acute-on-chronic breathlessness (BREATHE): Study protocol. ERJ Open Res 2021; in press (