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Mosquito on a person's skin

Infectious disease and immunology

Discovering the intricate dynamics of the skin's immune response to infectious diseases, our groundbreaking research focuses on Leishmaniasis and cancer immunology, unveiling new insights for potential interventions and personalised treatments.

About our research

Our researchers are at the forefront of exploring the body's immune response, with a specific focus on the intricate dynamics of the skin and its interaction with infectious diseases.

Our ground-breaking studies in Leishmaniasis—a neglected tropical parasitic disease – have discovered the complex mechanisms underlying the skin's reaction to Leishmania infection, unveiling the pivotal roles played by specific proteins and cells. This understanding not only paves the way for new breakthroughs in Leishmaniasis treatment and vaccination, but also holds promise for combating a spectrum of similar diseases.

Additionally, our researchers study the Leishmania parasites, which cause a severe disease known as visceral leishmaniasis. Through our investigations, we have discovered the influential role of a key sensor—TORC1—in the growth and transformation of these parasites. This critical discovery sheds light on potential vulnerabilities that could be harnessed for more effective interventions against this disease.

Our expertise in immunology extends to the intersection of cancer biology and immune response. In particular, we have dedicated substantial efforts to unravelling the intricate involvement of microRNAs in cancer development and progression. These molecules hold immense potential for innovative cancer therapies and cutting-edge diagnostic tools. Our research not only deepens our understanding of the complex interplay between immunology and cancer, but also opens up exciting possibilities for personalised and targeted interventions.

We are unravelling the intricate dynamics of the immune system's response to infectious diseases and cancer, paving the way for new treatments and a healthier future

Our experts in infectious disease and immunology

Dr Katrien Van Bocxlaer

Lecturer in Skin Research

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Katrien Van Bocxlaer

Dr Dave Boucher

Lecturer, University of York

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Dr David Boucher

Professor Paul Kaye

Professor of Immunology

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Paul Kaye

Professor Jeremy Mottram

Professor of Pathogen Biology, Director of the York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI), University of York

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Jeremy Mottram

Selected publications

Below is a selection of research published by members of our Skin Research Centre in the theme of infectious disease and immunology.

For details of more publications please visit our research experts' profiles above.

Efficacy of oleylphosphocholine in experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis - J Antimicrob Chemoth. 2023 

MicroRNAs as biomarkers of atrophic scarring in acne: a cross-sectional analysis of 41 patients - Clin Exp Dermatol. 2021

Spatial Point Pattern Analysis Identifies Mechanisms Shaping the Skin Parasite Landscape in Leishmania donovani Infection - Front Immunol. 2021

TLR2 Signaling in Skin Nonhematopoietic Cells Induces Early Neutrophil Recruitment in Response to Leishmania major Infection - J Invest Dermatol. 2019

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