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A researcher in the skin laboratory using the Live Cyte

Microbiome, wounds and infection

Our mission is to transform wound healing and elevate the standards of skin health, and pave the way for a future of improved treatments and enhanced well-being.

About our research

We are making ground-breaking advancements in the field of wound healing and skin health through our team's pioneering research.

Our breakthroughs have uncovered the remarkable potential of Arginase 1, a protein that facilitates the healing of age-related vaginal injuries. This finding holds promise for the development of innovative treatments that not only expedite the healing process, but also minimise the chances of complications following pelvic organ prolapse surgery.

We have uncovered the pivotal role played by naturally occurring metals in the body in the intricate process of wound healing. This exciting revelation opens up a world of possibilities for harnessing these metals to enhance skin repair and regeneration.

In our pursuit of better therapies, we have harnessed the power of one-time negative pressure wound therapy, a vacuum-based treatment that enhances healing. This non-invasive approach could revolutionise wound care and improve patient outcomes.

Additionally, we have pioneered a novel method similar to ELISA, a commonly used lab test, to detect bacteria. Our ground-breaking technique involves strategically immobilising bacteria onto specific spots in a test plate, enabling precise and efficient detection. This breakthrough in bacterial detection can revolutionise diagnostics and treatment of infections.

Our focus lies in unravelling the intricacies of skin repair and wound healing at the cellular and molecular level. Through our cutting-edge research, we aim to uncover effective strategies to bolster these natural processes, ensuring optimal recovery and restoration of skin health.

Our focus lies in unravelling the intricacies of skin repair and wound healing at the cellular and molecular level

Our experts in microbiome, wounds and infection

Professor Gavin Barlow

Professor of Infection

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gav barlow

Professor Matthew Hardman

Director of Research (Hull), Chair in Wound Healing

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Matthew Hardman

Professor Gavin Thomas

Chair in Microbiology, University of York

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Professor Gavin Thomas

Dr Holly Wilkinson

Lecturer in Wound Healing

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Selected publications

Below is a selection of research published by members of our Skin Research Centre in the theme of wounds, infection and microbiome.

For details of more publications please visit our research experts' profiles above.

Cellular benefits of single-use negative pressure wound therapy demonstrated in a novel ex vivo human skin wound model - Wound Repair Regen. 2021

The molecular basis of thioalcohol production in human body odour - Sci Rep 2020

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