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Examining skin samples in the laboratory in the Daisy Building, Castle Hill Hospital

Our skin experts

The Skin Research Centre brings together world leading researchers with expertise in skin ageing and cancer, immunity, wounds, infection and skin microbiome. Our researchers include skin scientists, clinicians and advanced technology experts with knowledge and experience across a range of areas related to skin health.


Professor Tarl Prow

Director of the Skin Research Centre

Innovator of skin sampling and biomarker profiling

Professor Tarl Prow is a leading expert in minimally invasive skin sampling and molecular profiling for biomarkers. With a focus on novel technology development, Professor Prow specialises in microneedle devices and cutting-edge skin sampling technologies.

Overall, Professor Prow's research is contributing to advancements in dermatological technology, skin ageing quantification, wearable health devices, and topical drug delivery systems. His work is characterized by a strong focus on improving patient experience and healthcare outcomes through innovative technology and data-driven approaches.

Professor Prow's expertise also encompasses conducting first-in-man clinical trials, ensuring the safety and efficacy of innovative solutions.

Professor Tarl Prow's profile
tarl prow

Professor Alison Layton

Clinical Lead for the Skin Research Centre

Transforming dermatology through clinical expertise and research

Professor Alison Layton is an Honorary Professor at Hull York Medical School and a Consultant Dermatologist and Director for Research and Innovation at Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Layton's commitment to improving patient outcomes goes beyond clinical practice. She has led the development and delivery of many clinical trials, ensuring the development of safe and effective treatments in inflammatory skin conditions and dermato-oncology. Her research focuses on patient outcome measures and examines the impact of dermatological conditions on health-related quality of life.

In addition, Professor Layton is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the microbiome and antimicrobial resistance. Her ground-breaking research in this area sheds light on new strategies for managing skin conditions.

Professor Alison Layton's profile

Professor Matthew Hardman

Chair of Wound Healing, Director of Research (Hull)

Advancing wound healing research for improved patient outcomes

Professor Matthew Hardman is an expert in skin biology, focussing specifically on wound healing. His expertise and contributions have far-reaching implications for patient care and treatment.

With a diverse research portfolio encompassing basic biology to clinical studies, Professor Hardman actively collaborates with industry partners and the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, establishing a clear pathway for translating research findings into tangible patient benefits.

Professor Matthew Hardman's profile
Mat Hardman

Professor Paul Kaye

Professor of Immunology

Advancing leishmaniasis diagnosis, prevention and treatment

Professor Paul Kaye is an immunology expert, with a focus on the immunology and immunopathology of leishmaniasis, a neglected tropical disease.

Internationally recognised for his ground-breaking work, Professor Kaye has made significant contributions to the understanding of macrophages and dendritic cells, shedding light on their role in health and disease. His expertise extends to lymphoid tissue remodelling and granulomatous inflammation during chronic infections.

As a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, Chair of the UK Medical Research Council’s Infection and Immunity, and an elected Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Kaye has received prestigious accolades for his exceptional research contributions.

Professor Paul Kaye's profile
Paul Kaye

Research experts

Professor Gavin Barlow

Professor of Infection

Read Gavin’s full bio
gav barlow

Professor Dimitris Lagos

Director of Research (York) and Professor of Immunology

Read Dimitris’s full bio
Dimitris Lagos

Dr Kim Samirah Robinson

Lecturer in Skin Research

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Dr Holly Wilkinson

Lecturer in Wound Healing

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Dr Miko Yamada

Research Fellow

Read Miko’s full bio
Miko Yamada

Associate members

Professor Jeremy Mottram

Professor of Pathogen Biology, Director of the York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI), University of York

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Jeremy Mottram

Professor Gavin Thomas

Chair in Microbiology, University of York

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Professor Gavin Thomas

Business Development Manager

Dr Katerina Steventon

Business Development Manager

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Katerina Steventon

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