DAMPen-D study

About the project

Title: The DAMPen-D study: Improving the Detection, Assessment, Management, and Prevention of Delirium in Specialist Palliative Care Units (SPCUs)
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Time frame: Ongoing
Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson and Dr Mark Pearson

The purpose of the study is to assess the feasibility of using an implementation strategy to enable guideline-adherent delirium care in hospices with the aim of reducing patient days with delirium.

We will conduct the following:

  1. Co-design a flexible implementation strategy, drawing on the Creating Learning Environments for Collaborative Care (CLECC), for use in Specialist Palliative Care Units (CLECC-SPCU)
  2. Explore the feasibility of a future effectiveness evaluation study of CLECC-SPCU supported delirium care on clinical outcomes
  3. Assess the acceptability and flexibility of the co-designed CLECC-SPCU in three SPCUs

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