Morphine and Breathlessness (MABEL)

About the project

Title: Morphine and Breathlessness (MABEL)
National Institute for Health Research - Health Technology Assessment
Time frame: 2020 - 2022
Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson (Chief Investigator) and Bronwen Williams

Morphine and Breathlessness (MABEL) is a collaboration between the Hull York Medical School (University of Hull), the Universities of Edinburgh, and Kings College London. 

Chronic breathlessness is common and very disabling in people with heart and lung conditions and cancer. We want to see if 10 to 20mg per day of oral morphine is better than dummy capsules at improving breathlessness. This 2 month trial is designed to set the new standard of care if positive. The trial is currently being set up, and plans to recruit from about 12-15 hospital and hospice sites around the UK. The trial is being conducted by the Hull Health Trials Unit .