Proactive Anticipatory Care Evaluation (PACE) project

In a new and unique approach to health and care for older people, an innovative new facility – the Integrated Care Centre - opened in Hull in 2018. The first of its type in the UK, it’s set to transform care for older people. This study will evaluate this new service.

About the project

Title of project: Proactive Anticipatory Care Evaluation (PACE) project
University of Hull
Time frame: 1 October 2018 - 1 April 2021
Contact for more details:

The aim of this project is to assess the effectiveness of a proactive anticipatory multidisciplinary care intervention in improving the overall quality of life and health outcomes for severely frail older people.

This is a research study evaluating a new service developed by the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group to improve care for older people who are frail. This service will be delivered in the community (via the new Integrated Care Centre) and care homes and will involve different health professionals assessing and addressing a person’s care needs in a single visit.

This project led by Professor Fliss Murtagh is part of a Cluster scholarship programme (comprising of a research associate and 3 PhD students).


British Geriatrics Society presentation

The PACE study was presented at the British Geriatrics Society Autumn meeting 2022. The conference poster and the video recording of the presentation are available below:

PACE trial conference poster (PDF)