Palliative Care Interventions in Clinical Trials

About the project

Project title: Palliative Care Interventions in Clinical Trials – A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression to Describe the Components of Care and explore their Relationship to Effectiveness
University of Hull Graduate Intern Scheme
Time frame: September 2021- March 2022
Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson 

There is a growing evidence base to support specialist palliative care (SPC) in addition to usual care in a range of conditions, but the best model of service delivery is unknown. We aim to review the published literature to see whether which number and composition of SPC intervention components is related to the best outcomes.

This is a systematic review of published randomised controlled trials of SPC to find out: i) The most commonly identified components of SPC interventions in randomized clinical trials. ii) Whether the number and type of components within SPC interventions relates to the effectiveness of the primary outcome measure.