Bringing breathlessness into view

People living with breathlessness find their experience hard to describe to others. The aim of this project is to make an exhibition to show the public what it is like living with breathlessness.

About the project

Funder: Hull City of Culture 2017 / Wellcome Trust
Time frame: 2017: Completed

Funder: University of Hull
Time frame: March-July 2019

Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson and Dr Ann Hutchinson

The first part of this project involved workshops funded by Hull City of Culture 2017 and the Wellcome Trust which brought together local people with chronic breathlessness and a Hull-based photographic artist to create the ideas for a public photographic exhibition showing what it’s like living with breathlessness in Hull; “bringing breathlessness into view”.

Two workshops were held with 29 attendees. Participants were interested in the idea of the exhibition and had much to contribute to its design. Participants also suggested venues for the exhibition and what to include alongside the photographic exhibition.

The second part of this project is funded by the University of Hull and will involve the creation of a multimedia exhibition on the experience of living with breathlessness, to be exhibited at several sites in Hull and also displayed on the websites of Hull York Medical School, NHS CCG and the British Lung Foundation.