Our Centre brings together a team of high-profile clinical and academic researchers, who have an international reputation for their work across a variety of specialities.

Centre Director

Professor Anthony Maraveyas

Anthony Maraveyas is Director of the Centre and Professor in Cancer Medicine at Hull York Medical School.

Anthony is a member of TRANSFORM with a link role for the Hull Molecular Imaging Centres.

Anthony is an Honorary Consultant in the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and has particular clinical and basic science research interest in cancer associated thrombosis (CAT).

Cancer research staff

Academic lead: Professor Michael Lind

Professor Michael Lind is the academic lead for cancer research within the Centre.

Mike is Professor of Oncology at Hull York Medical School, University of Hull and has been involved in clinical oncology for the last 35 years, 25 years as a Consultant. His major research interests are in lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Mike chairs the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service lung group for Public Health England. Developing cancer services in East Yorkshire, oncogeriatrics and translational research.

Cancer staff
Dr Shady Abdelmoneim NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow
Professor Andrew Beavis Principal Physicist
Dr Laura Broughton Research Development Assistant
Sandra Kelly PA to Professor Mike Lind and Professor Anthony Maraveyas
Professor Michael Lind Professor of Oncology (Hull)
Professor Anthony Maraveyas Head of the Clinical Sciences Research Centre, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Honorary Consultant
Dr Gordon McKenzie Clinical Research Fellow (Geriatric Oncology)
Dr Azeem Saleem Reader and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology

Diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism research staff

Academic lead: Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan

Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan is the academic lead for diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism research within the Centre.

Sathya is Professor of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Hull York Medical School, University of Hull and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Sathya's main research area of interest is on modulation of cardiovascular risk through pharmacological and nutritional interventions in insulin resistant states such as obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus. He is interested in traditional as well as novel risk factors, specifically endocrine disruptors.

Diabetes and endocrinology staff
 Name Role
Dr Kazeem Adeleke  Statistician
Dr Mo Aye Consultant Endocrinologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer
Lisa Baldwin Unit Manager, Academic Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dr Lucy Batten Academic Clinical Fellow
Dr Harshal Deshmakh Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes, Endrocrinology and Metabolism
Donna Jacklin Laboratory Technician
Anneli James Senior Associate Research Practitioner
Dr Kamrudeen Mohammed Honorary Senior Lecturer and Consultant Endocrinologist
Dr Shiva Mongolu Honorary Lecturer and Consultant Endocrinologist 
Dr Deepa Narayanan Consultant Clinical Pathologist
Lucy Newton Clinical Trials Coordinator
Lee Rollins Senior Associate Research Practitioner
Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan Chair in Academic Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism and Honorary Consultant Physician 
Dana Schofield Clinical Trials Assistant
Zoe Sugden Clinical Trials Coordinator
Savannah Sygrove Clinical Trials Coordinator
Carrie Willby Clinical Trials Coordinator

Respiratory research staff

Academic lead: Professor Alyn Morice

Professor Alyn Morice is the academic lead for respiratory research within the Centre.

Alyn is Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Hull York Medical School, University of Hull and an Honorary Consultant Physician at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Professor Morice specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cough, and runs the Hull Cough Clinic. He also runs the Hull Respiratory Clinical Trials Unit, specialising in the treatment of asthma and COPD. The Hull Cough Clinic is one of the largest centres within Europe, with an international pattern of referral. Unique investigational strategies provide diagnosis and treatment advances, which are incorporated into national and international guideline documents.

Professor Morice has led the European Respiratory Society and British Thoracic Society Taskforces on Cough.

Multimorbidity staff
 Name Role
Kayleigh Brindle Research Nurse
Natalie Carter Research Nurse
Julie Crawford PA to Professor Alyn Morice
Professor Michael Crooks Senior Clinical Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine
Rachel Flockton Research Nurse
Lyn Harrison Clinical Trials Assistant
Professor Simon Hart Reader in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Jack Kastelik Consultant in Respiratory and General Internal Medicine and Honorary Reader
Nicola McKenzie Medical Secretary to Professor Morice / Dr Simon Hart
Professor Alyn Morice Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Jackie Mower Research Nurse
Hanka Remblance Medical Secretary to Professor Alyn Morice / Dr Simon Hart
Wayne Sheedy Research Group Manager
Susannah Thackray-Nocera Research Nurse
Rachel Thompson Research Associate
Sarah Whittaker Research Study Administrator
Caroline Wright Clinical Trials Manager

Vascular research staff

Academic lead: Professor Ian Chetter

Professor Ian Chetter is the academic lead for vascular research within the Centre.

Ian is Professor of Surgery at Hull York Medical School, University of Hull and Honorary Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He received a five-year NIHR Senior Investigators Award in April 2018 and is the Royal College of Surgeons Surgical Speciality Lead for Research in Vascular Surgery. His research interests are predominantly Health Services Research and New and Emerging Technologies in arterial and venous disease, wound healing and surgical site infection.

Vascular staff
Claire Acey PA to Chair in Surgery
Lynne Andrews Data Co-ordinator/Clinical Trials Assistant
Gemma Boam PhD Student
Dr Daniel Carradice Senior Clinical Lecturer
Professor Ian Chetter Chair of Surgery and Honorary Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Emma Clarke Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Hayley Crane PhD Student
Anna Firth Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Josie Hatfield Senior Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Louise Hitchman NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow
Caroline Jenninson Data Co-ordinator/Clinical Trials Assistant
Mr Ross Lathan Clinical Research Fellow
Judith Long Research Manager
Louise Mclean Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Mr Abduraheem Mohamed Academic Clinical Fellow
Sean Pymer Clinical Academic Exercise Physiologist
Tracey Roe Academic Vascular Specialist Nurse
Mr George Smith Senior Clinical Lecturer
Amber Stafford PhD Student
Mr Joshua Totty NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Plastic Surgery

Honorary staff

Honorary staff
Dr Fayyaz Ahmed Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Professor
Professor Ged Avery Consultant Radiologist and Honorary Professor
Professor Sunil Bhandari Consultant Nephrologist / Physician and Honorary Professor
Dr Elaine Boland Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Dr Nicholas Easom Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Honorary Senior Lecturer
Professor Steve Holding Consultant Clinical Scientist (Clinical Immunology) and Honorary Professor
Professor Mahmoud Loubani Consultant Cardiothoracic Consultant and Honorary Professor
Professor Shaji Sebastian Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist and Honorary Professor
Professor Hemant Sharma Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Honorary Professor
Professor Shernaz Walton Consultant Dermatologist and Honorary Professor
Dr Helen Yates Consultant in Neonatal Medicine and Honorary Senior Lecturer