Cancer patients’ experiences of living with venous thromboembolism

People with cancer have a high risk of developing blood clots in their veins. These clots are treated by blood thinner drugs (either injections or tablets). This project summarises published research about people's experience of living with cancer and blood clots and points out the shortage of information about this serious and potentially preventable issue. 

About the project

Time frame: 2016: Completed
Publications: Palliative Medicine
Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson and Dr Ann Hutchinson

The aim of this project was to answer the following question, ‘what is the experience of people living with cancer-associated thrombosis?’

The cancer journey is difficult in itself, but having a blood clot was an additional, frightening and unexpected burden. The findings of this paper highlight the impact of blood clots on the lives of cancer patients and calls for education for patients and clinicians to be part of routine care.